The Design Process 

1. Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation I will listen to any ideas you have for your new garden to help me build up the design wish list.  We will walk round the garden together so that we can highlight the problem areas and consider the positive aspects.  I use this time to get to know you so that I can identify your style and design requirements- information which is key to the creation of a garden which you will love. Please feel free to show me any pictures you have of a favourite style, plant or feature which could form a basis of the design. After this visit I will draw up a proposal which includes the design brief and a price for the design. 

2. Survey and Analysis 

This next stage is crucial for gathering the information to create a plan in scale.  The site suvey records characteristics of your existing garden. This is not only the measurements of the garden and the property but aso fine detail such as location of services, changes in level, aspect, views from windows and location of eyesores to be screened or features to be enhanced. I will also take photographs and soil samples to look at its quality and determine the type of plants to use.  For a larger site I would recommend using a specialist surveyor.

3. Layout Plan
4. Final Plan &
   Planting Plans

At this stage I will make an appointment to present the layout plan to you. This is an accurate scale drawing which shows the position of hard-landscape features and planting areas and the relationship between the two. I will also give ideas of the types of materials I suggest using. During our discussion we can make any alterations to the plan if necessary. 

After the layout plan is agreed, I will create detailed planting plans for the design and draw up the final detailed plan for sending out to tender. If required I will also draw up construction drawings, elevations and 3d projections.   

5. Project Management  

Many clients opt for my project management services.  This means I will be involved from the start of the project to completion..  I can be on hand to iron out any little problems which can sometimes arise to help ensure that the whole process runs without hitch.  I am flexible in my approach to all my work as I aim to meet clients' needs- so my project management services can include regular site visits during landscaping work, sourcing of materials or features, plant supply and planting.  As with all my work I am happy to talk it over with you and tailor the service to suit your needs.